Lourdes & Marco speakers at TEDx Alsace 2013

Lourdes and Marco were invited to participate in TEDx Alsace 2013 in Mulhouse, France, where the conference theme was "Return to the Essentials."  Watch their video "Play, create, become" and learn what that return to the essentials meant for them.      To turn on the English-language captions in YouTube, click the “captions” icon on […] Read more »

Charliberty, Equality, Fraternity

The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo and the aftermath of these events present us all with an opportunity to examine our beliefs, beginning with the awareness that we can "rethink". It's time to stop accepting the unacceptable. Read more »

Children v.21

Today's child is tomorrow's leader. But education as we knew it is no longer adapted to a reality in which there is no need to mold everyone to fit into an Industrial Era map of the world. How can we make it evolve to meet the needs of 21st-century children? Read more »


This poet-engineer is an idealist who describes his mission as a changemaker for Engineers Without Borders: “Thanks to EWB, I have the opportunity to make this organization and movement stronger, while developing myself as a citizen working towards a more equal world.” Here is one of his poignant poems. Read more »