Marco Frediani
evolutionary artist

his essence

Marco is the innovative, artistic, rebel essence of le playground. Fascinated by philosophy, sociology and art, his curiosity and creativity are infinite. Convinced that the greatest risk in life is the status quo, he constantly calls into question the tried and true and thrives on new challenges. Above all, Marco is an alchemist who transforms chaos into opportunity and the intangible into the tangible, allowing the beauty in people to emerge.

his path
Marco was born into a multicultural family of artists and grew up in the world of theater. During this atypical childhood, he travelled the world and quickly learned to adapt himself wherever his parents took him. A curious child, fascinated by everything, Marco spent his days exploring all his new surroundings. At age 10 he could already speak four languages fluently: French, Italian, Spanish and English. Marco was a creative solitary dreamer who was different from other children. His rebel essence would manifest itself whenever people wanted him to fit into the norms simply because “that’s just the way it is.”
Fueled by his immense curiosity and after a very short-lived but intense career on stage, Marco spent the next 20 years managing several multinational companies in the import/export food industry. As a business developer, he managed decentralized sales teams on different continents and thanks to his creative spirit, he participated in creating the image for several international brands while subtly integrating the cultural specificities of each local market. Throughout his entire career, his “rebel with heart” essence allowed him to challenge certain norms to completely defy situations that seemed impossible. Convinced of the strength of creating powerful teams, he encouraged all the people under his management to tap into their creative force in order to develop their talents and realize their full potential.
At the height of his career, Marco realized something was missing. Thanks to a happy “coincidence,” he discovered Gestalt psychology and Sir John Whitmore, one of the fathers of modern coaching. While taking courses in each area simultaneously, Marco discovered his true calling and became fascinated with the prospect of accompanying people in their personal transformation. Two years later, he took a professional and financial risk and left his corporate golden cage to become a coach and leader-trainer.
In the midst of changing career paths, Marco met Lourdes in an unexpected and completely magical encounter. Guided by his passion once again, he made a radical change and left Barcelona to join her in Paris. He subsequently became a trainer for one of the most prominent American coach training schools, co-president of le playground and Lourdes’s life partner. Together they continued traveling the world to learn and draw inspiration from different cultures and traditions as well as from leaders, changemakers and innovators on the leading edge of human evolution.
Inspired by these different teachings, Marco and Lourdes felt the need to evolve their coaching practice to something more integral and multidimensional that meets the needs of our changing world. This heightened awareness, coupled with their quest for knowledge, resulted in the birth of the arc model. Guided by their intuition, Marco and Lourdes took a new risk and left the “standardized” world of the multinational to devote themselves entirely to teaching and propagating their postconventional arc model.
his inspiration
Marco is inspired by groundbreaking leaders whose legacy has transformed the world: Gaudi, Gandhi, Fritz Perls, Chögyam Trungpa, Picasso, Steve Jobs, Guy Laliberté, Ken Wilber, Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge, to name a few. Marco also draws his inspiration from the stars, nature, animals, art, cities and the people who inhabit the earth.
his dream
To inspire creativity by raising the consciousness of leaders as they evolve and contribute to humanity and our planet, the one and only truly universal playground.
  • founder

    Lourdes Gutierrez
    inspirational outlier

    Lourdes lives her passion as a designer of innovative training courses and leader-trainer of arc programs, with a goal of inspiring and contributing to human evolution. More info