Leadership mastery

Leadership mastery

  • Duration : Two 5-day retreats
  • maximum number of participants : 16
If you embrace change and want to inspire a transformation that breaks boundaries . . . If you want to strengthen your impact as a leader and be able to cocreate with anyone in any situation…
If you want to lead leaders and create a space of coemergessence where you can fully tap into the collective wisdom of the greater “WE”…
You are clearly ready to take your leadership to the next level of consciousness.
You are ready for this integral mastery program designed for the leader of the emergent future.
arc leadership mastery is our signature program created especially for changemakers, rebels with heart, who continue in the evolution of their leadership in order to contribute to the evolution of humanity.
For more information about this program, please contact Lourdes Gutierrez and/or Marco Frediani directly to set up a personal interview.
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