Systemic leadership

Leadership essentials

  • Duration : 2½ days
  • maximum number of participants : 30
In today’s rapidly changing global economy, the main differentiating factor from one corporate leadership environment to another is the way each organization is run and what it stands for.
At le playground, we firmly believe that expertise and knowledge are the hardware of the leaders of the 21st century and that all the intangibles, the creative and emotional intelligences, are the software - the element that actually makes the difference.
arc leadership essentials is the answer for leaders who want to create systemic change, integrating both heart compassion and courage through intentional relationship, to be at the leading edge of the emerging future.
If you are a leader who wants to empower your teams, is willing to challenge the status quo, believes that success comes from nurturing creativity, and has a firm conviction in human potential, this course will provide you with the competencies to expand your leadership in service of systemic transformation.

Is this course for me? Are you at a point in your life where you wonder if there’s something more? Do you hunger to create a better world for yourself and for those around you?   If so, this course is for you. Here you will be free to discover your life purpose, unfold your unique talents, and explore your leadership, giving you what you need to play a bigger game. This is a course for anyone wanting to evolve with awareness and intention.

Do I need any particular background? No, only curiosity! A deep curiosity about discovering what is in your essence, what drives you, what makes your heart sing when you get up in the morning, and also curiosity about what makes other people tick, what motivates them. It’s about getting to the core of human evolution.

How is this different from other programs? In this highly experiential course, you will learn through playing and real-life situations that enable you to experience how your leadership impacts every aspect of your life.

What's available for me after this course? This workshop gives you access to arc leadership emergessence, the next step in integrating creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage in order to play with complexity and lead with impact.

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