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Essence in action

  • Duration : Two 2 ½-day retreats
  • maximum number of participants : 24
Are you going through a time of transition in your life?  Are you asking yourself existential questions that are impelling you to connect to something bigger, more profound?  Are you longing for change? Sometimes difficult to define, this inner calling is coming from your source, signaling your untapped potential and your yearning to evolve.
At le playground, we believe that every person is unique, with infinite potential that is just waiting to be unleashed.  To liberate your potential, we created essence in action, a personal development course intended to take you on an unforgettable journey based on our integral arc model.  You will do some deep personal work, including an in-depth values exploration where you will discover what truly makes your heart sing, and alignment work to reduce the gap between who you are, what you do, and who you wish to become.  By connecting to your source, you will find the key to living in resonance with your authentic self and thus become the author of your most magnificent emergent life.
1.evocation You will discover your authentic life purpose, guiding you toward new possibilities for your best possible future as leader of your own life.
The module that acts as an evolutionary catalyzer, letting you experience the ripple effects of the power of freedom and conscious choice.
During this course, you will discover the power of discernment and how it can guide you in making conscious choices and opening possibilities, even those that seem unimaginable. You will be challenged to use your creativity in nonconventional ways, allowing you to express your own creative potential freely and proactively. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to embrace your authentic life purpose to lead your life in service of your best evolutionary path.

2.involition You will be pushed out of your comfort zone to dare and claim authorship of your life.
The course that takes you into the unknown, challenging your inner leader to move toward your most magical improbable future.
This is the integration of your journey into changemaker essence in action. In this Revolutionary involition, you will be stretched to deal with the unknown in the here and now. You will explore your emotional wisdom, instinct and intuition, to include and transcend anything that is holding you back from your most wonderful improbable future. You will practice the act of “letting go” in order to let the emergent future unfold. You will develop an intimate relationship with yourself, with the self-confidence to take important actions and risks to become author and leader of your life. At the end of this course, your personal awareness and leadership skills will have prepared you to move toward a new level of leadership and make an even greater impact on your life, your community, and the world.


Is this program for me? If life is pushing you against the wall to change, if you’re going through an existential crisis, if you’re feeling a desire for renewal and you’re willing to explore other possibilities, or if everything seems fine, yet deep inside of you there’s a yearning for something more, a deeper calling to evolve…
If you recognize yourself in any of the above, this program could be for you.

Do I need any particular background? Yes, you need to have completed the evolutionary awakening workshop.

How is this different from other programs? Its unique, highly experiential methodology is specially designed for you to meet the complexity of today’s world, where we are constantly immersed in a never-ending spiral of rapid change. This program takes place in our retreat center in Brittany, France, in a magical forest environment conducive to the personal reflection and soul-searching needed to find the questions and answers to your own fulfillment.

What will I take away from this program? A better understanding of yourself, a bigger range of perspectives, possibilities and conscious choices, and the courage to take concrete actions to become the author of your life.

What’s available for me after this program? If you loved the essence in action program and wish to continue on your journey with the arc model, we’ve created two advanced programs for you:

  • If you dream of accompanying others in the realization of their dreams and goals, this program gives you access to arc leadercoach essence, where you will start with the third module, “Exploring the Dream”.
  • If you yearn to be the leader of your life, become a team and relationship leadercoach, accomplish a life-purpose project, or acquire a new level of consciousness, you can continue with arc leadership emergessence, the next step in deepening and strengthening your leadership by integrating your creativity, curiosity, compassion and courage.
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